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Vaginoplasty (vajinal tightening) provides vaginal narrowness in case of vaginal enlargement and loosening.
Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty (vajinal tightening) provides vaginal narrowness in case of vaginal enlargement and loosening.

Vaginoplasty is a surgery operation to get tight and rebuild a vagina. Vaginoplasty is not only genital aesthetic operation but it is also functional prosedure. Vajinal tightening known as anterior and posterior colporrhaphy that repair a defect in the anterior and posterior wall of vagina. However  varied surgical technics are used for reconstraction and repair in Antalya Turkey.

Vaginal tightening can be performed non-surgical procedures such as laser and radiofrequency as well.

How is vaginoplasty performed?

Vagina has a structure that able to stretch and loosen. The circular and longitudinal folds that is named Ruga exist in vajinal canal. İt can widen and lengthen thanks to rugas. In addition, rugas contribute sexual satisfaction.

İn this procedure, while local and sedation anesthesia usually are being used, general and spinal anesthesia sometimes prefer considering patient’s medical cituation and request.

Vaginal canal lenght is 10-12 cm. Vaginoplasty is done the part of 6-8 cm that is close the vaginal enterance. A diamond-shape wedge that includes perineal area too is performed on the posterior wall of vagina. Then, extra vaginal tissues are removed. Remaining tissues of vagina are sutured with strong stitches. This method that lasts 20- 40 minutes approximately provides vaginal narrowness sufficiently.

Why does vagina loosen and become deformed?

Vagina including flexible tissue might progressively loosen and become deformed due to various reasons such as vaginal childbirth, aging, swift weight changes, hereditary and smoking. In pregnancy and delivery, gaining to much kilos, over-weight fetus, complicated vaginal birth particularly may induce to weaken the vaginal muscles and devastate the vaginal mucosal texture as well as emerge vaginal laseration.

Regular kegel exercise that strengthens the vaginal circular muscles is useful for preventing of vaginal relaxasion.

What are the symptoms of loose and deformed vagina?

Womens generally complain the sexual disfunctions and their vaginal appearances. Vaginal entrance appears wider than being before. In addition female would notice some masses (cystocele, rectocele, or cervix) that don’t exist there before.

The one of the most substantial discomforts is sexual disorders as well. Loosing vagina may create to impair at the vagina-clitoris connection and cause orgasm problems. Also lack of vaginal tightness is likely to trigger men’s sexual problems.

If vaginal infections are  resistant to treatment, loose vagina certainly should be eradicated.

Who needs vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty operation is done the women 18 aged and over have loose, wide and relaxed vaginal canal because of several factors like childbirth, losing weight, smoking, congenital and nutrition problems. If this enlarged vagina with weak muscles lead to sexual disfunctions (orgasmic troubles, erection and ejaculation problems, dyspareunia ),vaginal gas, noisy coitus, recurrent vaginal infection and urinary incontinance, vaginoplasty will contribute to solve these disturbances.

Which anesthesia is prefered for a vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty operation can be performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. Also sedation anesthesia can be added to local anesthesia as well. The agreed desicion of surgeon, anesthesiologist and patient determines the form of anesthesia. However local and sedation anesthesia option is the most popular.

How is recovery after a vaginoplasty?

Vaginal enlargement operation that is an effective and a simple operation is a surgical procedure providing vaginal strictness and firmness. Moreover it is a minor surgery like labiaplasty as well. Genital region tissues heal easily thanks to good vascularization. Usually, the woman with vaginoplasty can return to her daily rutine in a few days after operation day. However she should beware of activities that cause to strain and pressure on genital area in 2-4 weeks. Complete recovery can take 6-8 weeks. İn this procedure, dissolvable stitches are used. These stitches aren’t taken, typically they melt and go theirselves in 6-8 weeks. Noticable scar don’t appear.

Sexual intercourse and  tampon use is allowed 6-8 weeks later after doctor’s visit.

After vaginoplasty, one night hospitalization usually is sufficent, however if operation is done with local anesthesia, patient can be discharged earlier. On the other hand when the woman having certain chronic diseases, staying hospital longer can be necessity.

What are postsurgical cares after vaginoplasty?

  • Genital region should be kept dry after operation. This area can be washed from front to back with warm water. Yet, the inside of vagina is never washed.
  • The woman who had vaginoplasty can have a shower after 48 hours from surgery. Using bathtub isn’t recommended while taking shower.
  • The medicines prescribed by doctor must be taken regularly ( some antibiotics and painkillers).
  • Swimming is forbidden within 6-8 weeks after operation
  • Doing exercise such as aerobics, gymnastics, football, pilates and carrying heavy things can be harmful during 6-8 weeks after operation.
  • Cold compress and some creams generally are not needed.

What are risks of vaginoplasty?

Vaginal tightening surgery has minimal risks that can exist at any medical practices.

1. Pain: During  operation pain isn’t felt at all thanks to anesthesia. Discomfort and pain that may be in one or two days after vaginoplasty decreasingly relieves. Certain painkillers prescribed by surgeon will be beneficial for pains.

2. Bleeding: Bleeding in which form of spotting can be appeared in ten days after operation. In case of abundant bleeding, the doctor definitely must be informed.

3. Iching: Iching that is a common and natural adverse effect lessens in two weeks after vaginal operations. Generally solving stitches causes of minimal iching. But excessive and persistent iching may be due to bacterial or yeast infections.

4. Infectios: Infection is potential risk at any surgeries. Yet, using antibiotics and sterilized conditions go down the proportion of infection risk. If you have below symptoms in operation area, you should let the surgeon know in terms of infection;

  • Extreme pain
  • Fewer
  • Discharge

5. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness: General anesthesia is able to cause the nausea, vomiting, dizziness. These symptoms decreasingly finish within two-four hours after operation. Some medicines are given for nausea and vomiting if needed.

What are the results of a vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty surgery that is done frequently novadays provides satisfied outcomes for despareted females. The most prominents are sexual satisfaction, pleased vaginal appearance and less vaginal infection.

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