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We highly recommend Dr. Funda and her services.

We highly recommend Dr. Funda and her services.

We are traveling around the world for past 9 years and we were in Antalya when we wanted to meet a gynaecologist to confirm our pregnancy. Also, we don't speak Turkish, so we were looking for someone who could speak English.

We googled on the internet and contacted Dr. Funda's office. Since the first contact, the communication was extremely smooth, and both the reception staff and Dr. Funda were very clear in their communication about the services they offered, costs, and the timelines. She listened to our questions very patiently and answered all our questions to our satisfaction. We did ultrasound, blood & urine tests. The results of the tests were very detailed and they gave them back to us very quickly.

She did a very detailed ultrasound and explained every aspect of the baby and the Ultrasound Images while she was doing the imaging, which we really appreciate. The entire experience from the beginning to the end was very smooth. We highly recommend Dr. Funda and her services.

Samdani Shaik-Möst

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